Friday, January 13, 2017

Interesting Articles From the Week

It has been far too long since I have posted anything! The end and beginning of the year is rather hectic in this business so I have done far less reading and researching than normal. But here are some interesting things that I came across recently.

National Western Stock Show Citizen of the West John Malone

We have investments in some of Malone's companies and I find him to be one the most savvy businessmen in the world. But also a very high quality person!

Peter Thiel Explains Himself

He's a Trump supporter from Silicon Valley. And before the election was nearly the only supporter from that area.

Apple Sets Its Sights on Hollywood With Plans for Original Content

This makes sense to me. It is a big market and would hopefully give them a profit center away from the iPhone.

Warren Buffett Predicted Fall of Eddie Lampert and Sears

Retailing is tough...

Hank Paulson Interview at Stanford Business School

Very good interview. In particular I enjoyed the part about him and his wife and how they have grown together in life. (39:43)

Have a great weekend!